Wednesday, January 16, 2019

When Your Spouse is Depressed

Dealing with a depressed spouse is not easy. The burden that is carried by one partner often migrates over to the other, and in the end both people may feel depressed and hopeless. According to a study by EAP consultants

4 Steps to Bounce Back After Failure

Everything you have heard about failure is wrong. You learn it in school at an early age to avoid mistakes and do everything the right way. Mistakes are bad. That works to help establish a sense of moral development around what is good and bad, but mis...

Beating the Holiday Blues, before they hit.

“How am I supposed to make it through the Holidays?” “It is going to be different this year with them not here.” “I do...

College Students and Mental Health

College Students & Mental Health Most of us can recall our college days and experiences as being some of the best times of our lives. Many college graduates can reflect on the time as the introduction of “adulthood”; freedom, or if you ...

Sugar and Mental Health

Results from an ongoing study in London that were just published in the scientific journal "Nature" reveal that sugar consumption may have a direct impact on our mental health. The study followed approximately 10,000 individuals who were initially recr...

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