How The Therapy Today Network Works

We believe that through collaboration hundreds of mental health professionals can drive everyone’s businesses forward.

Therapists helping member therapists and themselves through collaboration and sharing.

The Therapy Today Network helps you, the member by:

  1. Improve your reputation and visibility when you contribute articles and videos to the site.
  2. Enhanced visibility through inclusion in the “Professionals in your area” links to readers across the network who are within your service area.

For example, managing editor Dr. Allison Kahner wrote the “Top Ten Dating Mistakes” which ranks high on Google & Bing for “common dating mistakes” (see the Cognitive-Therapy-Associates link if you do a search).  Yes only 3-5% of all the readers of that article are in the NYC region of the US.  That means 95-97% of the traffic to that site via search and social media would be wasted.  but not anymore.  If you are reading that article from a location where a TherapyToday member is active then you’ll see that member’s profile.  That member could be you.  It works the same way on  If your article is being read by someone outside your service area, you earn an ad credit when the “Professionals in Your Area” widget is shown.

Those Ad Credits you earn based on remote readership are used when other readers within your service area are reading articles written by TherapyToday members outside your service area. Since those readers are of interest to you (due to proximity) and not of interest to the member who contributed the article, the reader is presented with the “TherapyToday Professionals In Your Area” ad widget including your profile.

Charter membership is free, and even as we grow, the charter members will be given the best possible deal if and when we charge.  For now it’s all about mental health professionals helping each other grow their businesses and improve the lives of all their clients.