About The Therapy Today Network

TherapyToday.com is the hub site of the Therapy Today Network of mental health websites and blogs. The Therapy Today Network was developed by Didit a digital marketing company founded in 1996 by Kevin Lee and David Pasternack. The vision for the Therapy Today Network is that by working together mental health professionals dramatically increase their visibility and close more clients.

It’s simple! Mental health professionals all over the USA have a large percentage of readers of their blogs or articles who are outside the area of the professional who wrote the article.  That’s a waste of a valuable resource, the attention of the reader.  Take for example Dr Allison Kahner’s pages on: brief therapycommon dating mistakes, feeling insignificant in a marriageshort term therapy definition. (Her site is Cognitive-Therapy-Associates).
The list goes on.

If you or any reader of the pages on Cognitive-Therapy-Associates are in the NYC area, the TherapyToday Network widget only shows her bio.  If you are outside the NYC area (Dr. Kahner’s service area), you’ll see a “Professionals in your area” widget as well.  That widget promotes TherapyToday members, in the location closest to the reader of the content, but only when the reader is outside the article author’s area.

The widget works the same way for articles on TherapyToday.  You write an article!  When it’s read by someone in your area, great a possible client.  When the reader is outside your area and there are Member Professionals within the reader’s location you earn an ad credit and those relevant (to the reader) professional profiles are shown.  Same in reverse as readers near you are reading other member articles, you use up an ad credit in front of a potential client.

So, if you are a mental health professional or coach feel free to join, it’s free!