Joe Taravella Ph.D.

Dr. Joe Taravella is a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Joe embodies a compassionate, understanding, and respectful approach to all human beings who need to be heard, understood and validated. His goal for all individuals is to learn how to effectively communicate, understand oneself, and break maladaptive patterns. His expertise lies in identifying and treating neurological, behavioral, and environmental problems that cause breakdowns within a family and in relationships. Dr. Joe helps individuals, couples, families, and children achieve their greatest potential and has been instrumental in getting individuals to achieve breakthroughs by revealing toxic secrets in a safe and effective manner through Dr. Joe’s Secret Box®.

Dr. Joe’s Secret Box® has been instrumental in helping individuals reveal their secrets in a secure and controlled way.
Dr. Joe proudly serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Kid Angel Foundation

, a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged children and families from distressed communities move toward positive social and economic mobility. In September 2012, Dr. Joe and colleague Dr. Stacey Bromberg released their first two books Hugs of Three: My Daddies and Me and Hugs of Three :My Mommies and Me through their Forward Footsteps , LLC publishing company. The two books guide readers towards a respect for all families while acknowledging the importance of a loving connection between children and their parents.
Dr. Joe’s biggest inspirations are his ‘almost triplets’ children, who encourage him to be his best and give him a unique lens on how to view the world from their perspective.

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