Getting the most out of TherapyToday Membership (Free to Charter Members for a limited time)

Yes, for charter members of the Therapy Today Community, no fee for 6-months (minimum) after we decide to start charging feed.  You get all the benefits of participation,most importantly access to all the promotional ad impressions that the community generates for your local area.

Here’s how to get the most out of your membership in the Therapy Today community:

The key to the Therapy Today community is understand the power of “visibility recycling” and how the Therapy Today Widget works.  See the Widget Demo for details.

  • Submit articles for publication on TherapyToday. If those articles have been submitted elsewhere, we request that you let us know.  See more on submissions in the Writing Guidelines.
  • Promote the article on your social media channels including a link to the published article.  We will do the same. Site visitors reading the articles you’ve written who aren’t in your area earn you ad credits which enables your profile to show up on other Member articles.
  • Add the Therapy Today widget to your website or blog and post articles there (and promote them on social media and via email if you have an email list).  Readers outside your area earn you ad credits on your own site as well.
  • Get yourself interviewed by a fellow member (we are happy to make introductions and suggest topics).  The fellow member can then either post the interview on Therapy Today or on their site/blog.  Often the author will provide a link on your name to your website from the article and that’s great promotion too.  We can get into the various ways this helps both you and the other member on call rather than writing a long winded explanation.
  • Interview a fellow member (same rationale as above)
  • Interview an interesting personality.  We aren’t suggesting Dr. Phil or Tony Robbins, more likely a local notable person who has something to discuss with implications for psychology or mental health. Often the interviewee will link to your interview when published from their blog or social media presence.
  • Consider experimenting with video content.  Video is a fun content creation medium and the abstracts / transcripts are a great source of copy that can be published adjacent to the video embed.
  • Promote on social media the articles by other members that you like.  When local readers from your area go to read those columns, they will see your profile listed reminding them how great you are.
  • Refer your non-competing friends and fellow grad-school alumni to join the Therapy Today Network, a community where the bigger we get the more people we can help and the better we all do in growing our businesses.