Saturday, April 21, 2018
Moms don't worry

Moms: Don’t Worry So Much

As if that's possible.   But give it a shot, because there's a study in the Journal of Marriage and Family that demonstrates that neither the amount of accessible (present but not directly interacting) nor engaged (directly interacting) time tha...
adult collaboration

A Circle of Safety: Adult Collaboration in Adolescent Treatment

When a teenager requests more privacy, withdraws from her parents, and demands more freedom, we get it.   After all, the primary developmental tasks of the adolescent years are separation and individuation. Most responsible adults will respec...

How to Stop Arguing with Your Teen

Kristine Tye, M.A. LMFT   Have you ever stopped to wonder when arguing with your teen became a regular part of life? There are many situations that can turn into a power struggle with a teenager as they try to grow and change.   Arguments...

Are you Missing the Signs of Toddler Anxiety?

Are you Missing the Signs of Toddler Anxiety?     Toddlers have it made. With hours to play and no responsibilities - what could possibly cause a toddler to be anxious, right?       Wrong. Just like adults, toddlers don&...
20 lies about motherhood, pregnancy and body image

20 Great Palace Lies about Pregnancy, Motherhood, and Body Image

1. Pregnancy and new motherhood are a glowing time. 2. Having a birth plan determines the way labor and delivery happens. 3. Only un-medicated vaginal births are good. 4. Good mothers (easily) breastfeed. 5. You can (and should) get your baby to sl...

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I became a mother in 2016 and I was able to better grasp the gravity of having proper work/life balance. If you do not...

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