Therapy Today Widget Demo

In traditional retail, they say “Location, Location, Location.”  For mental health that’s true but in a different way.  Practicality and state licensure mean that potential clients nearby are much more important to you than those who you could never see in person.  At the same time, building a reputation as an expert clinician is accelerated by writing a blog on your site and contributing to other sites. But when your great content is read by those outside your service are a or state of licensure, its sort of a waste.

The Therapy Today Network Widget fixes all that.  Web technology can generally locate you within a few miles of your true location (sometimes much more accurate than that.)  Let’s see it in action.  If you are in the NYC area and visit Dr. Allison Kahner’s site to learn about CBT in Family Therapy after doing a Google search on “cbt family therapy” you’ll see just her bio (see screenshot below).  But if you are in a region of the US with Therapy Today Members, you’ll see their profile ads as “professionals in your area”  Try it now.

The page to a NYC visitor: (image is clickable if you want to see it from your location)

What professional profiles do you see when you visit the page?  We’ve got one meta-member we use to illustrate the widget if there are no members yet in an area.

The same page from the San Francisco area:

Here’s Dallas Texas where we only have one Member. So, the demo Meta Member shows up (normally a member can only pick a radius of up to 100 miles, but we adjusted this member’s radius with a hack)