Nancie Kohlenberger LMFT

Nancie Kohlenberger is both a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Southern California, and a Marriage Consultant nationally and internationally. She has been in private practice for 17 years, and in recent years has specialized in supporting couples whose relationships are challenged when one or both has ADHD.

Nancie was on faculty at the University of Santa Monica where she taught Master’s level courses in Counseling Psychology and in addition, supported Master’s level students in Spiritual Psychology. Prior to this, she too completed both Master’s level degrees at the University of Santa Monica. She also holds a Master’s degree in Education from Kent State University in Ohio. Nancie co-authored the book, The Couple’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD with Melissa Orlov. She has spoken for CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD), and been interviewed by a number of radio programs, and TotallyADD out of Canada. She has written articles for a variety of publications including the PsychCentral website. Nancie’s website is