Liz Tong LMFT

Liz Tong is a licensed psychotherapist and has been practicing in the Bay area for over eight years working with adolescents, adults, and couples. Her specialization is in health & wellness. She enjoys working with people who are in transitional points in life and want to develop better self-esteem, relate better to others, and have more confidence in their life path and purpose. She is also particularly skilled at helping people resolve old trauma that may be holding them back from living a happy and healthy life.

This may include working with:
Exploring life purpose & direction
New partnerships/marriages including premarital counseling
Transitioning careers
Loss of a loved-one
New mothers/fathers including pregnancy and postpartum support
Cultural and identity issues

Liz welcomes people of all ages & life circumstances. Her theoretical orientation is based in integral psychology (integrating your whole being - mind, body, heart, spirit, & cultural context), psychodynamic therapy (paying attention to the dynamics between therapist & client as well your personal history), and AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy which utilizes the connection of our emotions, thoughts, & bodily sensations). What this means is that she will encourage you to talk about whatever is on your mind or troubling you and will help you by listening closely to what may be happening for you internally and providing the best reflection and feedback.

She is also trained and skilled in EMDR, an effective modality for working with trauma (and other stuck emotions) which can sometimes be a helpful supplement with talk-therapy.

To provide her clients with the best possible therapy, Liz continuously engages with trainings & the latest research on psychology, trauma, & attachment theories as well as weekly consultations with senior clinicians in the field.