Why Self Care is so Important this Holiday Season


Holidays can be wonderful, though a struggle at the same time. Some people don’t feel connected to their family. There are also people who have a difficult time saying “no” and end up taking on more than they intended to. This is why it is so important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. If you do not, there is a chance you will burn out, feel sad, angry, or become resentful.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the holidays are just like any other day. We just make them a bigger deal because they are often when we get to see the people we don’t normally get to see. They are also a huge excuse to celebrate, drink, eat, and spend extra money – which can all increase your stress. With that being said, here are some ideas to keep you on track…

1. Stick to your routine as much as you can. If you normally get up and go to the gym, but you’re on vacation and there is no gym, improvise. Get up and walk/run in the morning instead.
2. If you don’t normally get exercise, take time to move and stretch. Sitting for too long can make you feel restless.
3. Limit time with those who drain you. You know who I’m talking about, and if you don’t, the article is here: http://therapytoday.com/its-not-you-its-them/
4. Be realistic. Don’t take on more than you think you can handle to make everyone else happy. Do what you can and nothing more.
5. Plan ahead. It is okay to limit your celebrating time if you think that there may be obstacles (people or situations) that will make it difficult for you to enjoy yourself.
6. Include nutritious food in your diet. Holidays can be full of sweets and comfort food, which are amazing, but we don’t often get all of the nutrients our bodies need to thrive.

Whatever you end up doing for the holiday season, just remember to ask yourself one thing, “Is this taking from me or giving to me?”. If it’s giving to you, it’s self care. And example would be making time for yourself to take a shower. If it’s taking from you, it’s life. An example of this would be picking up your uncle Bob at the airport at 3am in the morning. You’ll be tired. It’s not a bad thing, and you may be happy to do it, but you have to try to balance them. If we don’t, we end up giving to everyone but ourselves and often become overwhelmed and upset. Give to yourself like you would to anyone else. You’ll thank yourself later.


About Alison Silvius Casanova LMFT

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, and I enjoy supporting people in finding solutions to everyday problems. I work with people of all ages that struggle with social skills, are affected by addiction, and have suffered trauma/loss. My areas of interest include cognitive behavioral therapy, self esteem building, improved communication in relationships, grief/loss, and more. You can read more about me on my page at: www.alisonsilviuslmft.net