Rebecca Clegg LPC

Rebecca started her private practice in 2006 and specializes in working with women who want to heal disordered eating, emotional eating and negative body image issues. She also works with individuals around issues that are commonly present with disordered eating, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias, addiction, codependency, and self esteem concerns. Rebecca has extensive experience in hospital and outpatient settings, addressing a variety of mental health issues, namely eating disorder issues, and gained invaluable experience in helping people heal their relationship with food.
She has also worked as a health coach in a medical setting, collaborating with clinical dietitians and physicians to offer an integrated approach to weight loss, nutrition and disease prevention.
In 2015, she cofounded CHI - Creative Health Initiatives - A Center For Mind + Body Wisdom. CHI provides women in transition and recovery, and those seeking a deeper connection with their spirit, therapy groups and self development programs both in their center in Atlanta and online. For more information, visit
As a writer and speaker and advocate for eating disorder recovery, she has been spotlighted on The National Eating Disorder Association’s Blog roll, Voice In Recovery, Nourish-The-Soul, Wise Wild Feminine Radio, Connecticut Working Mom’s Blog, and Prescription For Life Talk Show In Atlanta, GA. Her blog, Life Beyond The Diet (, focuses on inspiring and teaching women how to stop dieting, break free from body image and food obsession, and start living the life they are secretly dreaming about.