The Therapy Today Community is designed to put your profile at the fingertips of readers of content created by members who don’t compete with you because they are located in a different city in the US.

The way we reward you  as an active member is by giving you an ad credit any time the content you created/submitted on Therapy Today is read by someone outside your service area.  Similarly, when another member’s content is being read by someone in your area, your profile will be showcased within the “Professionals In Your Area” widget, and we deduct an ad credit.

We start charter members (that’s you) off with 500 ad credits since there will be a bit of a lag before you are earning credits.

The system works even when you put the widget on your site, recycling your wasted readership and helping the community while the Therapy Today community helps you.

For more details on the widget, see the demo or just surf around the site.